Friday, March 10, 2006

Wolf in sheep's clothing

Update:Notice the headline in this fox news article. I guess buying american products is actually real terrorism. Well, I dont know if that makes you a terrorist, but it certainly shows you are a complete idiot. While you are at it, check the complete list of terrorists at Gitmo. Has some fascinating tidbits about people committing terrorism by taking pictures for a news agency.

Another day passes and another terrorist attack in India. Its all in a day's work as far as the nation is concerned. However, this issue brought up some pretty interesting observations. After having written a largely communal article previously, I shall avoid bantering about religion as much as possible.

Having the advantage of residing in a country that has the largest economy, is apparently the only superpower, and is supposedly the world's largest target for terrorists, I have been sorely disappointed and slightly surprised by the non-existent media coverage that the bombing received. Well, India has never been anything more than a blip in the american radar, as much as we would like to believe otherwise. The reasons are manifold, but primarily, because American politicians lack the intelligence to understand the concept of neutrality. The non-aligned stance that India adopted during the cold war earned us a cold shoulder from the US, which led to our relying on the USSR, although minimally. George Bush described the breadth of American imagination best as far as relations are concerned when he said, "You are either with us, or without us." So as far as the US was concerned, we were the enemy, and that attitude lasted well into the mid 90's. Then Bill Clinton and the IT revolution happened, and relations apparently warmed.

Yet, over 20 people die in the largest democracy in the world, in a coordinated series of bomb attacks, in what can be only described as terrorism (irrespective of who committed the act. You become a terrorist because you commit terrorist activities, and not the other way round), and most newspapers in the champion of democracy, and sole warrior against terrorism, struggle to devote more than a few lines buried deep inside their pages. America used 1 single act of terrorism to justify attacking two other nations, and killing millions of others, but barely recognizes that terrorism might have even happened anywhere else. This, immediately after their President visits our country, sows the seed of violence that leads to the death of at least one boy.

It is quite obvious, that America has a strong hangover from the Cold War era, and cannot acknowledge India as anything other than a threat. It can never look at our nation as a friend, but only as an enemy, or at best, a pawn to keep the power of China at bay. Another very obvious indication of this attitude was the whole Nuclear Deal. I am against the timing of the deal, especially with the whole Iran issue boiling over, but I do believe that in the end it will be beneficial to both countries. I just wish the timing was better. Unsurprisingly, the whole American congress and senate is against this deal. What is alarming though is the reason and compensations that a lot of the politicians have given. A lot have complained about why George Bush did not make such a deal with Pakistan, when both are sub-continent nations. Comparing India and Pakistan is such a ludicrous notion, that I really dont know how to respond to this. I mean, on one side, you have a country that is the largest democracy in the world, against a country that has lost most of its presidents through assassinations, and is currently under a military dictatorship. A country that has not given any reason to complain with regards to its nuclear dealings, versus one whose chief nuclear scientist was discovered to have been pimping nuclear materials and equipment. Yet, our ColdWar blinded american friends cant see a difference.

Most of this post is ramblings and babbling, because I am angry. I am sour and pissed. And hurt even more when I see Indians continuing to entertain George Bush like he is their Lord and savior. Only thing I can say to my fellow country-people is, "For heaven's sake, grow a spine..."


wispsofwhite said...

hmmm the kind of pictures the indian media covered, was pretty sad , innocent people killed, in a place they believe in with utmost faith. although the important thing is that they were killed not where. and the funny part is the deal bush and manmohan signd the public wasnt even informed. so much democracy.

Hiren said...

Fact is, everybody acts according to their interests. Bush and the United states condemns terrorism only when it happens to the western world. We entertain bush because it is in our vested interests in certain ways. Life runs on vested interests.

The_Insomniac said...

It was unclear whether Tuesday's bombings in Varanasi, 450 miles east of New Delhi, were the work of anti-government or anti-Hindu militant groups or were connected to Bush's visit.

right below it, like 4 blocks down

hilarious, that they would fuck up like that ........